Where To Buy Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies With NZD—New Zealand

New Zealanders have a lot of ways to buy bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. Below, we at Collective Shift highlight our recommended New Zealand crypto exchanges, brokers, and retailers. With these crypto exchanges, brokers, and retailers, you can buy cryptocurrencies with the New Zealand dollar (NZD). All of them support buying BTC and Ethereum’s ether (ETH) token with NZD.

Visit these crypto exchanges, brokers, and retailers if you’re after a simple way to buy popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and Ethereum’s ETH. To help, we’ve put ‘Exchange’, ‘Broker’, and ‘Retailer’ in brackets next to each recommendation.

BitPrime (Retailer)

BitPrime is a full-service crypto retailer that launched in March 2017. New Zealanders can trade over 60 cryptocurrencies on BitPrime, and many others can be sourced upon request. Distinguishing BitPrime from exchanges and brokerages is the fact you buy straight from their reserves. BitPrime sends your purchased cryptocurrency to your nominated wallet address.

Easy Crypto (Broker)

Easy Crypto is a crypto brokerage service. Their aim is to create an easy and safe way for New Zealanders to gain exposure to the cryptocurrency asset class. Easy Crypto—which charges 0.5–1.8%, depending on market conditions—supports the buying and selling of over 60 cryptocurrencies. It is wholly New Zealand owned and operated.

Independent Reserve (Exchange)

Independent Reserve is a long-standing, reputable crypto exchange that is very easy to use. With Independent Reserve, New Zealanders can use their New Zealand dollars as the payment method for trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. Supported cryptocurrencies include BTC, Ethereum’s ETH token, XRP, and the tether (USDT) stablecoin.

Crypto Exchanges & Collective Shift

In this guide, we linked to the homepage of the Independent Reserve website. The link used was an affiliate link that Independent Reserve set up for Collective Shift. Please note, New Zealanders who sign up with this affiliate link do not receive any unique perks.

If you want to sign up to Independent Reserve but don’t wish to use Collective Shift’s affiliate link, please head to the Independent Reserve homepage.

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