Where To Buy Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies With AUD—Australia

where to buy bitcoin cryptocurrency aud

Live in Australia and want to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) with Australian dollars (AUD)? Below, we at Nugget’s News highlight our recommended Australian crypto exchanges, brokers, and payment gateways.

Sign up to these crypto exchanges and brokers if you’re after a simple way to buy popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and Ethereum’s ETH token.

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CoinSpot is one of Australia’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Optimised for newcomers of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, CoinSpot can be accessed from multiple devices and supports over 100 cryptocurrencies.


Independent Reserve (Exchange)

Another of Australia’s oldest and most reliable crypto exchanges, Independent Reserve is super easy to navigate. Australian residents may be eligible for a so-called FastTrack account. If you open a FastTrack account, Independent Reserve gives you instant access to deposit funds and trade.

Independent Reserve

FTX (Exchange)

FTX is a crypto exchange known for its unique, innovative suite of tradable crypto products. These include industry-first derivatives, options, volatility products and leveraged cryptocurrencies. With FTX, you are able to deposit AUD. To be able to place a trade, however, you need to convert your AUD on FTX into U.S. dollars (USD).

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FTX logo

Caleb & Brown (Broker)

Caleb & Brown is an award-winning crypto brokerage registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). The Caleb & Brown team specialise in high-volume trading of cryptocurrencies in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $100 million. Verified Caleb & Brown clients can buy up to $2 million in cryptocurrency daily, prior to bank deposit clearance. Watch Nugget’s News’ interview with Caleb & Brown.

Caleb & Brown crypto broker

Crypto Exchanges & Nugget’s News

In this guide, we linked to the homepage of the CoinSpot, Independent Reserve and FTX websites. The links used were affiliate links that CoinSpot, Independent Reserve and FTX set up for Nugget’s News. Please note, signing up with this affiliate link doesn’t affect your account or experience with any of these.

If you want to sign up to CoinSpot, Independent Reserve and/or FTX but don’t wish to use Nugget’s News’ affiliate link, please visit their respective homepages.

Crypto Brokers & Nugget’s News

In this guide, we linked to our Caleb & Brown partner pages. If you live in Australia and use the services of Caleb & Brown, you can enjoy discounted prices by following the instructions on the corresponding Nugget’s News partner pages.

If you want to use the crypto brokerage services of Caleb & Brown but don’t wish to receive a discount courtesy of Nugget’s News, please head to the Caleb & Brown homepage.

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