Where To Buy Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies With USD—U.S.

Live in the U.S. and looking to buy cryptocurrencies like bitcoin? Below, we highlight our recommended U.S. crypto exchanges and brokers. These exchanges support cryptocurrency purchases with U.S. dollars (USD). You should visit these crypto exchanges and brokers if you’re after a simple way to buy popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum’s ether.

Binance US (Exchange)

Binance US is a crypto exchange that’s operated by BAM Trading Services. Powering Binance US is matching engine and crypto wallet technologies that are licensed from Binance. (Binance is the world’s most widely used crypto exchange.)

On Binance US, certain residents of the U.S. can buy bitcoin and Ethereum’s ether token with USD. Over 20 other cryptocurrencies can also be bought with USD. Residents of various U.S. states are restricted from using Binance US. (Read the Binance US terms of use for more.)

Coinbase (Exchange)

Coinbase is a reputable, user-friendly crypto exchange that’s based in the U.S. Coinbase users living in the U.S. can buy bitcoin, ether, Tezos, bitcoin cash, and other cryptocurrencies with USD. Coinbase also offers staking services for U.S.-based users that have had their identity verified.


Kraken is a popular crypto exchange that is available in the U.S. The minimum amount of USD that U.S.-based users can deposit is $20. Kraken supports ACH and FedWire as USD deposit methods. With USD deposited to Kraken, U.S. residents can buy cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether, XRP, and Tezos.

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