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Sam Maio

The community engagement has by far been my favourite aspect. Everyone involved is super supportive and passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend becoming a member to anyone wanting better understand the wild world of crypto.

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Glen Pittock

The sense of community and positivity in Collective
Shift is like none other that I have experienced in the
crypto space, which from my personal experience,
often contains a significant portion of toxicity. This is completely filtered in Collective Shift, allow the community to share content only valuable for the betterment of all involved. Together we are becoming better traders, better investors, and collectively shifting towards our financial freedoms. This is a community that I am, and always will be, very grateful to be a part of.

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Nicholas King

After several months benefitting from all that the Collective Shift Crypto Community offers to anyone for free
via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, I decided that I
would like to support their excellent work further by becoming a paid member of Collective Shift. My investment in the subscription has further benefited me with great interaction with other members that has also increased my education and awareness.


Richard Cerna

In my daily life - I find it hard to find people to discuss
and talk about Bitcoin, crypto or 'magic internet
money'. Being a Collective Shift member actually gives
me a space to absorb news, data and information
openly and freely. What I have found most valuable so
far is exposure to all the resources on offer.
Not only are there resources for beginners; there are also reports on projects I'd never heard of. Other members are also a great resource who continually contribute as well, which pools information together in a very handy way. Some of the veterans help to give insight into their own thoughts on markets which is welcome during market volatility. The community is out to help you, but also encourages
doing your own research which promotes responsibility for your own decisions which I like.
Taking it all in over the past few months, I've been fortunate enough to grab a few investment/trading winners as well along the way. Happy to be involved!

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Craig Carrier

Collective Shift is such a huge boost for members with such an easy-to-use dashboard with all the resources at your fingertips mobile or desktop. Daily Snapshots proviede great bite size pieces of info to check in even if you have no time. Spotlight Reports go in depth and it's great to go back through with a date of last updated. Everything you need is here you will love it. Best of all, plans for a standalone app will mean no more Facebook. Yay!

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Adam Benari

So good! I’ve learned about so many great projects within the community as well as boosting my fundamentals. This community keeps me accountable and is a constant reminder to stay switched on and not to FOMO.


Jamie Burt

Becoming a Collective Shift member was the single
best investment decision I've made this year. The
quality of information and resources is second to none. The community is of the highest quality, they are so supportive, helpful and respectful. Before joining I felt like I was flying blind. Now I make investment decisions
with confidence and it's made a huge difference to my portfolio. If you want to take your knowledge and portfolio to the next level, you're in the right place.


Brian Crane

The Collective Shift is a true one-stop destination for all
things a new or seasoned crypto investor could
need. Chances are there's a dedicated resource for
any question or challenge that may come up, and a helpful and knowledgeable community of members
ready to engage with inquiries or further your investigations.The Collective Shift is a great way to cut out all the noise in the investment world, and be a member of a group with experience and integrity that will potentially pay for itself, and much more.


Jan Klemsa

It is so hard to navigate safely between crypto
projects, so easy to fall for hype and FOMO into
things. The Collective Shift Crypto Community is so active with research and everyone is so willing to help and share their top picks, trade ideas and views on market sentiment. Learned to be patient with my investments and always do my research.


Connor Shepley

Being a community member has helped to connect
with like minded individuals but also the very opposite, ensuring you are able to objectively look at both sides
of the coin, per se.