Research Reports

Research Reports

An industry-leading suite of premium reports brought to you by our research team as well as a number of sector experts. Leverage our expertise and maintain your edge with direct access to a range of timely reports.

Research from the team, packaged for Members

Our team takes all of their research and repackages it for our members each week.

Leverage industry-leading data

We utilise cutting-edge platforms like Santiment to deliver reports backed by in-depth sentiment, behaviour and on-chain data.

Project Discovery

5 days a week, our U.S.-based crypto researcher, Nathan Gurr, and the team pulls together our analysis of newly discovered crypto projects, opportunities and market trends, keeping you at the cutting edge of crypto.

Crypto Valuation Reports

Published monthly, Crypto Valuation Reports give you in-depth valuations on individual cryptocurrencies. These comprehensive written reports use traditional valuation methods to forecast and present the bullish and bearish prices for each cryptocurrency.

Santiment Research Reports

Dive into our data-driven Bitcoin and Ethereum insights, leveraged by Santiment’s crypto market intelligence to help you stay ahead of on-chain and sentiment trends. Published fortnightly.

Not Financial or Investment Advice

We focus on providing insights, research, reports and analysis that is designed to be ‘another tool in your toolbox’ – helping to fuel your own research and save you time.

We are not financial, investment or professional advisors. All content shared across our platforms are intended for informational purposes only and should not be taken as any sort of financial or investment advice. It’s imperative that you do your own research.

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