Cryptocurrency Beginner's Course

A comprehensive guide into the cryptocurrency world covering investing, trading, buying, selling, storing, securing and sending. Start your journey with a trusted source.

About This Course

This course is designed to answer any questions you may have when entering the cryptocurrency space for the first time. It covers basic concepts and goes through scenarios you may encounter as you begin investing or trading. After each lesson, take the quiz to test your knowledge and confidence in that topic.

Course Details

Course Features


An Introduction to Cryptocurrency Investing & Trading

5 / 20 min
Investing vs Trading - Which is Right for You
4 topics
An Overview of Investing
8 topics
Building a Cryptocurrency Portfolio
8 topics
Cryptocurrency & Taxation
8 topics
Introduction to Charts & Technical Analysis
10 topics

The Importance of Security

1 / 5 min
Introduction to Security
7 topics

Buying & Selling Cryptocurrency

1 / 5 min
Introduction to Security
7 topics

Storing Cryptocurrency

1 / 5 min
Introduction to Security
9 topics

Sending Cryptocurrency

1 / 5 min
Introduction to Security
7 topics

New to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency can be extremely overwhelming if you’re new to the space. We’ve laid out each lesson and module accordingly so you can feel confident in your understanding of every step. Know that you are kicking off your cryptocurrency journey from a trustful source.


Take your understanding into the real world

Following each lesson, we have created summaries of key takeaways as well as quizzes to help affirm your knowledge. We understand the risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies, so we want to provide as much information as we can.

Real-life examples

Our easy-to-understand examples can help you make sense of complex lessons.

Informative & interactive

Alongside our lessons are animations and graphics to appeal to visual learners and to help you visualise the cryptocurrency world.

Just the beginning

The perfect springboard into our exclusive member-only content and research. Feel confident advancing to our other member content to further your understanding.